Your erotic body


What happened to you when you read those 3 words? Your. Erotic. Body.

Did you feel intrigued? Curious? Jealous?

Did you roll your eyes and think, fer kerist sake’s, Sophie, enough with the freakin’ body stuff

Did you feel your body shut down? Resist? Turn off?

Did you feel yearning? Sadness? Deep whispering desire?

Did your mind whirl with judgements or self-critical thoughts?

(Perhaps you laughed so hard that coffee went up your nose because there could be nothing further from the reality of your life – as you sit at your desk at work, totally overwhelmed, or at home with children, or trying to be both at work and at home or going through a break-up or just being exhausted and frustrated and too busy and doing a million other more important things….)

Whatever happens, it is interesting to just notice how we react to that powerful image of a woman’s erotic body.

I know there might be some of you who just cannot swallow the feeling of an erotic body right now. Let’s see…what is not erotic? Almost everything we spend our time and energy on. Childcare. Being stuck in traffic. A job you hate. Tension or problems in a relationship. Being in chronic pain. Being injured. Exhaustion. Being ill. Spending all day answering emails, texts, tweets and scrolling through feeds. Rushing. Racing. Driving ambition that leaves no room for anything else. Living in your head. Being an intellectual and above all that body stuff. Spending your day doing, doing, doing for everyone else. Holding things together. Anxiety. Fear. Worry. Self-critical thoughts. Body hatred. Or, just body disconnection. Endless to-do lists. Going to sleep at night worrying about what you didn’t get to during the day and what you HAVE to do tomorrow.

Not erotic.

And basically, just living in a female body in this culture doesn’t really allow us to have a space where we can even think about what it might mean to have an erotic body. We live in a culture that, in so many ways, shapes and forms, devalues the feminine. Devalues the attributes that are most at the heart of what it is to be a woman – collaboration, emotionality, sensuality, the huge range of colours we can feel and play in, intuition, gentle fierceness and the incredible way that our bodies connect to the earth, the moon and everything in nature.

Living in a world that seems to alternate between devaluing, diminishing and outright fearing and hating the feminine doesn’t make us feel safe enough to tune into the frequency of the erotic.

So this is work we need to do together. In a sacred space.

Here’s what “your erotic body” means to me.


As in, for you. Beholden to you. Under your care. Your responsibility. Your sacred temple. Not only the body that you walk around in but also the body that is designed for great emotionality, great bliss, great ecstasy. A body filled with curves and valleys. A body that is likely craving to be caressed, known, discovered. Deeply touched. A body that is not only a history of your life but also a beginning to what else is possible.


Sexual. Sensual. The known and unknown. Goosebumps forming as cold water drops. The warmth of a summer breeze across the back of the neck. Stirrings. Yearnings. Unleashed. Thoughts, images, touches that awaken wantonness. Permission to feel whatever there is to feel. A pleasurable drop into the senses. And your deepest, rawest truth.


The physical. The curve of your lower back. The strength of your arms. The softness of the skin on the inside of your wrist. The swing of your hips. The velvet softness of your throat and the heat of the back of your neck. The way energy moves through your body as you curve and release it, the melting of all of your tightness and the ecstasy that comes when your body moves freely.

An erotic body, to me, is a body that is alive and awake, a body that allows emotions to be felt and released, a body that is conscious of it’s desires, a body whose voice and intuition is acknowledged and honoured and a body that is allowed pleasure.

What is an erotic body to you? What would you imagine your erotic body to be? Feel like? Look like?

By the way, if you have a furrowed or angry brow right now because you actually have no freaking idea what an erotic body is, take a deep breath and exhale out. I’ve been there. We have all been there…and some of us are still there. Really, the only question is, are you interested in finding out what your erotic body is?

I’ve created two sacred spaces for you to explore your erotic body.

  1. My “Pleasured Body” program. If you can get to Toronto, we will spend two hours with you and your body. We will start to become interested in how she wants to move, in where she is constricted, in what makes her feel good and in what she needs. I’m working with a small group of women this round and I’m closing registration on Thursday, June 15th. Do you want a spot? Email me.
  2. My monthly feminine soulful movement classes. My next two are on Monday, July 10th and Monday, August 14th. The classes run at The Healthy Joint from 7:00 – 9:00pm. The cost is $30. Email me if you want a spot or more details.




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