Why we really need each other…the alchemy of the feminine



Alchemy – “a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or combination.” This definition was taken from oxforddictionaries.com. When I looked it up in my hardcover Oxford American Dictionary, there was a different definition, “a medieval form of chemistry, the chief aim of which was to discover how to turn ordinary metals into gold.”

Both of these definitions suit me well.

The alchemy I am talking about is when women connect with women, the chemistry of the sisterhood.

There was a long period in my life where I considered other women to be competition, as a constant mirror used to see where I stood in my community’s hierarchy of beauty, success, sexiness, talent, etc. I had no real awareness of how seeing women as sisters could lift me up higher than I could lift myself. This was a lesson that took me a long time to learn.

Seeing other women as partners in our journey in life (and being partners in their journey too) is how we can really transform ourselves and create something new and bigger than what we can do alone. Sisterhood and the sacredness of being women together is where ordinary metals turn into gold.

In other words, life is hard. It takes a village to raise a good woman. And we are each other’s villages.

This post is not only about how we can change our own lives by really and authentically connecting with each other but it is also a thank you to all the women I am lucky enough to have in my life. The dear ones, the near ones, the new ones, the on-the-street ones, the yet-to-come ones.

Thank you for sharing your stories with me. And listening to mine.

And what a lot of stories we have – some of us are in relationship upheaval. Facing a huge personal challenge which may break us or make us. Some of us, behind the facade, are getting ready to take the biggest leap of faith in our lives. Getting ready to leave the job. Start anew. When we share our stories from the heart with each other, we learn about someone’s adventurous past – before they became a mum. We learn something about their heart’s deepest desires…what they truly want for their lives.  Or we learn about someone’s intimate journey into grief that transformed them. We all have our stories of triumph, pain and strength.

When we share our selves and our stories with each other, we become stronger together.

Apart, we will never reach the heights that are possible.

So, an ode to all the women out there, sharing their hearts and stories and being authentic with each other.

As I observe women I don’t know, I often think, “I wonder what I can learn from her?” Because I know she’s got something I don’t yet. Maybe she knows how to love with her whole open heart. Maybe she has transformed the energy in her house because of an amazing transformation she has had. Maybe she knows how to be honest with the people closest to her…with love and compassion. Maybe she can help me be even more courageous when it comes to claiming my own dreams. Maybe she’s the one who becomes my mentor with a difficult relationship…or the one who says, “Oh my god, just do it!”.

And I can give too. You give. I give. You share. I share. We get vulnerable and realize that we both have pain…and we are both warrior goddesses. We lean on each other when we don’t have the strength to carry ourselves anymore.

It takes a village to raise a good woman.

Experiencing other women not as a way to measure ourselves as better or worse, but as cheerleaders, mentors, supporters and help us up when we have nothing left on our own is an important part of Juicy Woman Revolution. At our retreat on July 16th, we will create a space where alchemy is possible. Where ordinary metals turn into gold.

Join me there.

In the comments below, I’d love to hear how your thoughts have changed in your life about seeing other women as sisters and the sacredness of sisterhood.

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