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October 26, 2016

The dark side of motherhood – I see you

October 26, 2016

Where did we learn to take such poor care of ourselves?

October 26, 2016



Where did we learn to take such poor care of ourselves? Maybe we learned it from our mothers – and how they were in service to everyone else. And now that we think about it, we can’t remember anything else about her – what her dreams were, the nights she went out dancing or her weekends away with girlfriends.

Maybe it’s what we see when we look around at our group of friends; women we adore who are endlessly bending over backwards to fulfill their obligations to their jobs, their kids, their husbands. Who are we to argue?

It could be what we notice as business owners; how everyone out there seems to be pouring all of their energy and time into the business and depleting themselves completely seems to be the only way to success.

Maybe it’s a part of our culture. Hard work. Life is a grind. Life is not meant to be all fun. When the work is done, then you can rest. (Of course, the problem with that philosophy is that, nowadays, the work is never done. Ergo, you can never rest.)

I desire deeply for more women to become Well-Nourished. To learn how to prioritize our nourishment – not just to survive but to thrive. I desire that we learn from each other, support each other and in doing so, write a new story of what it means to live as a woman.

To the woman who feels trapped in her job but can’t find the time to book a session with a career counsellor.

To the woman who, during her week off, spends it running errands and getting things done instead of having a drink on a patio with a girlfriend.

To the woman who wakes up every day to an endless list of “to do” items and drags herself through her life; hopeless, negative and angry.

To the woman who has lost herself in a relationship and can’t really remember what she used to do for fun.

To the woman who makes sure that everyone around her gets the help they need but doesn’t give herself the same permission.

To the woman who spends money and time making sure that her kids have the clothes they want and settles for whatever is cheap and easy for herself.

To the woman who is on another diet. Again. Hoping that, this time, she’ll lose the weight that’s been holding her back.

To the woman who follows her man’s plans, mostly because she’s afraid that if she voices her truth, tells him what she really wants, how she really feels, he’ll leave her.

To the woman who tells herself she is too busy to make time for herself but somehow manages to make time for everyone else.

I have a few spots left on my Well-Nourished Woman coaching offer. If you are ready to become well-nourished, grab one of these spots before they go.

Here’s what you’ll get:

* I’m going to share all of the tools and action steps I personally use to prioritize myself.

* I’m going to share my experience of working through and around barriers and challenges that come with our lives, laden as they are with responsibilities, demands on our time, many relationships to juggle and seemingly endless time-constraints.

* I’m going to share my step-by-step process that allows any woman, however busy she is, to begin to add fun, beauty, nourishment and vitality back into her day-to-day life.

* And I am going to help you custom-design your week to make sure that you are no longer at the bottom of the list. We are going to re-wire, re-think and re-design your life.

Each session consists of a pre-call email and questionnaire, a 60-minute Skype live call and a follow-up email.

We will talk about what you need to feel fully-nourished. What your weekly schedule looks like. How we can hack the system to get you on your way to becoming a Well-Nourished Woman and we’ll troubleshoot barriers that might get in the way.

Yes, there is another way.

Yes, there is more for you in this life.

This offer is just about to close. The few spots I have left are available at the special price of only $150. If you are interested in claiming one of these spots, please email me now.

In the comments below, I’d love to hear what being a Well-Nourished Woman means to you.


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