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February 14, 2014

The loaded “s” word

February 14, 2014

What you can expect from me

February 14, 2014
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I am so honoured that you take the time to read my emails because I know you have a MILLION THINGS TO DO. With that in mind, I wanted to let you know what you can expect from me going forward…

First, a brief recap…

I started my dance business in the early 2000’s and spent the next 10 or so years building it up. I spent the first year asking my landlord for extensions on my rent, working endlessly on the business and having the really uplifting experience (many times) of developing and promoting a class, only to have one person arrive. But I kept on going and I started to develop a following that grew and my business became successful.

Cue marriage and kiddies.

After the birth of my daughter, I suddenly realized that I hated being at home. I loved being with Daisy and I hated being at home. It made me depressed, resentful and very angry. It was around that time that I fell in love with Mama Gena because she talked about all the things that I was so desperate for; passion, pleasure, fun, feeling fulfilled, putting myself first and getting in touch with my desires.

The next time I got pregnant, I figured that I would use the time to take a good look at my business and figure out what I wanted to change. Now I wanted to direct the ship more consciously and I wanted more from my business; more excitement, more success, more fun and I also wanted to spend less time on it. I signed up for an online business course with Marie Forleo called “B-School” and got totally re-ignited about owing and running a business.

Along the way, I really thought about how my life had changed. After so many years of intense creativity, extreme fun, brunches with girlfriends on patios, dancing the nights away, smooches and tingles galore, it felt like all my fun was behind me.

Was I going to be braver, have more fun, be more excited, feel joyful and glorious or was I going to fade away?

And even though my heart was filled with so much love for my man and my two kids, there were things missing. I missed adventure. I missed being crazy. I missed feeling exhilarated. I missed walking into a bar and knowing that I was going to have an AWESOME NIGHT! I missed having a life that was built around MY PLEASURE.
Spending my day preparing meals, taking care of babies and being homebound was not a substitute.

Why had things changed? Was it marriage? Was it motherhood? Was it age? Was it the natural course of life?


I decided that this re-design of my business was going to be about offering experiences to woman who want what I want. In short, I would be a test subject in my own market research and I was going to figure out how to get back what I was craving.

Because I wasn’t going to be satisfied until my life after marriage and kids* was AS FULFILLING TO ME as my life before them.

* I don’t think you have to be married or have kids to wish you had more in your life – more of what makes you glow, more of what makes you excited, more of what makes you happy and joyful, more…

So here’s what you can expect from me. I will send out emails about things I learn, adventures I have, questions I ask and the honest and funny things that happen to me. I will also send out news about classes I am teaching, as they happen. I will continue to use dance as my method because I think it is what brings women closest to their joy, their hearts and their desires.

If you’d like to continue on with me, you don’t need to do anything at all. And I thank you so much for your generosity of spirit.

If this new focus doesn’t add to your life now, you can unsubscribe in this email with just a click of a button and I wish you love, fun and happiness. Thank you so much for all of your time and caring and support.

If there is a woman in your life that you think might want to join us on this crazy adventure, please forward her this email. Thank you.

And now a word from our sponsors.

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