This still surprises the heck out of me…

My life has changed.

Really changed.

And it still surprises me every day.

Because there was a point when I didn’t believe that anything could change about my life. That I didn’t have any or enough power to change my mind-set, change my day, change my life.

But I did.

And so can you.

Now, before you start rolling your eyes at yet another blog post that talks about “HOW AMAZING AND PERFECT MY LIFE IS NOW!”, I’ll let you know that in some ways, nothing has changed. I still have hard days. Unexpected challenges. Difficulties that attack my sense of self-esteem, confidence and faith in myself. I still face days that are┬áharder to get through with fun and pleasure and set-backs that seem exhausting to recover from.


But they happen less often. I recover faster from them. The negative thoughts that they bring don’t have as much power over me as they used to. And I am able to get back to the place where I really want to be more easily and with more strength.

Here are some ways my life has changed that make me very happy.

1) I experience way more fun, joy, happiness and bliss in my daily life. (Yup, I said it. Bliss, y’all!)

2) I feel very connected to my sense of sexuality. I feel that my sexual energy is with me during my day and that THERE IS MORE TO COME.

3) My patience with my kids has totally changed. Instead of operating from a place where patience was a scarce resource, I now am able to enjoy them more. Most of my anger, impatience and frustration is gone. (By the way, for the moms out there, this changed because I started to get very interested in what made ME happy, not what made them happy. Not the usual piece of advice but the only one that works.)

4) I love my life! (Again, before you throw up with all of this cheerleading, let me explain.) For the most part, when I wake up in the morning, I feel excited about my day. I have things to look forward to. My life is filled with lots of stuff I love to do. I believe again that my wildest and sweetest dreams are now possible. That the future holds more of what I want. (By the way, it used to feel like the future held nothing exciting for me except for a gradual decline into domesticity and jogging pants.)

The kicker is – my life didn’t change. I changed.

Here’s my message to you. Yes, I think the Juicy Woman Revolution course should be experienced by every woman I know because it does change your life. But that’s not my message. My message here is that if you want to change your life, you can. It is possible. You have all the power and wisdom within you to do that. If you are reaching out to people or resources or books or thinking about things differently or experimenting in your life to make it better, KEEP GOING! You can do it. You can change your life and CREATE A LIFE YOU WANT.

Our minds and hearts and souls are so powerful. When you turn them towards working for you and creating a life that fills you up, the stars are the limit. I honestly believe that.

So, whatever you are doing to change your life, don’t give up. It is possible. It is possible FOR YOU. I believe in you. Show yourself that you are worthy of a great life.

Cheers to all of us; reaching, yearning, dreaming and constantly trying.

With admiration,


Author: Sophie

Hi! I'm Sophie Luxton, owner of the Juicy Woman Revolution. I created Juicy Woman Revolution out of my yearning for MORE in my life.

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