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August 14, 2016

A summer of surrender…and a fall of getting naked

August 14, 2016

Scratch the surface of every woman and here’s what you get

August 14, 2016



The first time I did this exercise, I was so amazed and heart-filled to see every woman instantly start writing. Some of them wrote furiously as words poured out. Other women filled page after page. Some women wrote, looked up, smiled, looked down and continued writing. It brought some women to tears. But not one woman sat there, having nothing to write.

The exercise was, write yourself a love letter.

It’s a beautiful exercise. Every single time. And every time I do it with a new group of women, I am so humbled to see that, even with all of our self-doubt, self-hatred, critical thought patterns, expectations, perfectionism, anxiety and worry…when we scratch just below the surface, there is a deep well of self-love.

For me, scratch the surface of every woman and you get a goddess. Who knows what it is to love herself…even if she isn’t right now. Who becomes divine when she sinks into movement that comes so naturally out of her body. Who is full of emotion; joy, grief, anger, pain, sadness, lust, hope, desire, dreams…and becomes a beautiful symbol of the power of what it is to be a woman when she lets them flow.

We don’t scratch the surface very often. We live in a world that supports us to be dissatisfied with who we are. Who drives us to constantly measure our worth by what the outside world values. A world where the masculine (keep going, don’t complain, push, drive hard, conquer, don’t get emotional, keep running…) is held as the ideal. And the feminine; the softness, the sensuality, the incredible emotional capacity and courage, the curves and the slowness is seen as weakness in both our personal and business lives.

Part of what I see as my job in Juicy Woman Revolution is to remind women of what is already there. I allow. I hold a safe space. I am a guide. I am the voice saying, “Yes, this is who you really are. Yes, this is what is possible. Yes, this is what you can feel like. Yes, this is what we can do together.”

In a way, I create a doorway into another world that is both foreign and completely innate. It’s a world that we have forgotten or been led away from. But we speak the language. We know this world. Deeply. Like a forgotten memory that, once reclaimed, becomes clearer and closer.

So my message to you is this. On days when you feel like you are spinning out of control, being pulled apart by endless tasks, expectations and to-do lists, feeling like a mouse on a treadmill, on days when you look in the mirror and hate what you see or the days where it seems that critical brain of yours just doesn’t let up, know that, just under the surface, your wisdom can fill a book. That you are courageous beyond what you believe.  Gorgeous enough to infect a room with your mojo. Deep enough to have a river of self-love and self-compassion. That it is in your nature to relish your body. Expand in sensuality. Speak your truth without saying a word. Honour yourself and believe that you are worthy of everything you desire.

Remember this. For you. For me. For us.

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Sophie xo

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