The Juicy Woman Revolution Body Love Retreat

The Body Love retreat is designed to put you in a place of highest rightness about your body. You will experience a deep love and appreciation for your body, a reawakening of your feminine intuition and sensuality and a chance to reset and restart the energy of your gorgeous, emotional and powerful body.
Come and experience your depth. Remind yourself of who you really are. Reconnect with your forgotten power. Celebrate all your colours. Breathe. Exhale into the bliss created by the curve of your hips. Experience a different possibility of living in your body... and your life. Ask yourself, how would I feel in my life if I loved my body?
Saturday, February 11th, 2017
9:00 - 6:00pm

Artscape Youngplace,
180 Shaw Street, Toronto, Ontario
Reclaim YOU. Your beauty. Your worth. Your power. Your freedom.
"I feel relieved. I feel warm. I feel whole. I feel relaxed. I feel calm. I feel sensual. I feel soft. I feel supple. I feel powerful. I feel lovely. The greatest surprise is how good I feel right now and how I don't take the time to stop and put myself in a position to feel this good." - Kelly
(I feel)... "invigorated. I have amazing energy and my body feels rested and energized! I have felt sluggish lately and you just hit my starter button. Thank you." - Carol
We will spend the day in three areas:

Body Celebration, Body Voice, Feminine Body
(The greatest surprise that I experienced) "...was that despite a very long drought season (or two!), I can still feel sexy." - Isabelle
(I want other women to know)... "that it's not uncomfortable to feel sensual and how important it is to re-connect with your body." - Kendra
Express and fully feel your "inner female cry", your yearnings and your desires

Move in your full range of emotions and realize that you are designed to feel them all

Experience your 12 shades of purple, the intensity of your fierceness and the softness of your surrender

Begin a love affair with the softness of your skin, the strength of your back, the topography of your body

Know, beyond a doubt, that you are a vibrant, sensual and alive woman who has a right to claim the sacredness and preciousness of her body

Sit quietly inside a safe space that allows you to be fully who you are without judgement, labels, expectations or shame

Feel worthy of your truth, your emotions, your desires and your right to be fully and deliciously nourished

Move in absolute rightness; without hesitation, without limitation, without judgement or fear
"I had only one fear, to reach a place that would make me feel vulnerable and that would make me feel emotional... and that is exactly what happened and I LOVED IT!! I usually bottle up my stress and this felt very relieving." - S.S.
"Sophie, as usual you have created an extraordinary space for us to learn about ourselves through the body and then the brain. Ground-breaking, beautiful. Namaste!" - Rachel
What's included:
  • A full-day immersion in the Juicy Woman Revolution experience
  • Over 4 hours of feminine soulful movement led by Sophie
  • Meditation and journal time
  • Incredible hand-curated music as a soundtrack to your experience
  • Delicious and nourishing handmade snacks
  • A day of celebrating the feminine community without judgment, comparison or competition
  • A curriculum designed to bring you together as a whole woman - mind, body, heart and soul
  • The time and space to slow down. Reconnect. Feel inspired, motivated and celebrated
  • Practical tools to keep your Body Love continuing after the retreat
  • Post-retreat emails with tips, instruction and motivation to help you embody the work from the retreat
What you'll learn:
  • What your body voice is and how to connect to it
  • Ways to use movement to express emotionality that recharge and refresh you instead of leaving you drained or silenced
  • How being connected to your body can change your life
  • Body Love techniques you can do at home to continue to love, celebrate, honour and appreciate your body
  • What it feels like to live from your intuition and body voice instead of your brain
  • What your body needs to feel fully-nourished
  • Basic moves and sequences of the feminine soulful movement which is at the heart of Juicy Woman Revolution
  • The gift of a sacred place to begin to pledge deep allegiance to following your own truth and honouring your own needs
"I haven't felt this connected to myself in a few years. I haven't felt like myself in a while and it feels SO good. Something inside is awake again. That ferocious, go get 'em, sassy tiger. I love it." - Janet
"Every woman needs to do this." - Sapphira

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