How I started to get my mojo back – Part 2

March 4, 2015

This still surprises the heck out of me…

March 4, 2015

Man, is this afterglow legal?!

March 4, 2015
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After last Friday’s graduation party from the first “Juicy Woman Revolution” course, I went to bed at 2:00am, got up at 6:00am and then drove with my daughter about an hour and a half to spend the day with my parents. I spent the drive flying high from the night before and crying to “The Sound of Music”. Yes, part of it was the exhilaration that comes from being exhausted but most of it was what I had seen and experienced at our graduation celebration.


A poster from graduation night

We pulled over at Tim Horton’s and I wrote these notes to capture what I was feeling;

  • so full of joy and positivity
  • major mind-blowing afterglow
  • drenched in perfection
  • gratitude
  • so connected
  • my cup overfloweth
  • so sunk in myself
  • at peace
  • no voices, no criticism
  • total non-dependence on outside stuff to satisfy because the inside is so complete and fulfilled

It was a glorious night where I was surrounded by women who were so open to the joy of being themselves, so supportive of every other women and everyone got to experience how beautiful and powerful they are.

It was like being in another reality. A reality where yes, we could feel gorgeous, just as we are. We could be fearless, we could be EXACTLY OURSELVES. And not just in an acceptance kind of way but in a fucking celebratory and shout to the skies kind of way!


Now, you might be thinking, “they must be special women that could do that. That could just let go and be themselves”.

You’re right. They are special women. Just like YOU are a special woman. These women started the journey at the beginning, just like the new registrants of the April-June session will. With all of their hopes and dreams and fears and vulnerabilities and resistance and courage and beauty. Their secret weapon was that they wanted more. And that paved the path for all that followed.

If you’d like to experience the strong, powerful, free and sexy woman inside of you (trust me, she’s there), join us at the next “Juicy Woman Revolution” course starting at the end of March.

Read what women are saying about the course. Email me with any questions you have. Or check out all of the details here and register for the Monday morning or Thursday night class now.

Wishing you some major afterglow in your life soon. Wherever it comes from. It’s so damn good!