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I love sharing music because, even though I have a giant library, I get bored of my own tastes. When I start to listen to other music, I realize how limited my range is – I have my favourite genres that I tend to gravitate towards. But when I hear something outside of my experience, and it’s good, it allows me to express differently. To feel different. To be different. And that I love.

In the spirit of sharing, here’s my current dancing playlist. Perhaps there are some songs here that tickle your fancy…or other parts. Skip to the bottom to get listening right away.


Agnes Obel – Fuel to Fire
This one is so great for me to warm-up to. It instantly shuts my brain off and is so slow that I feel no need to rush any movements.

The Cinematic Orchestra – To Build a Home
The silences in this song are magical. It is filled with emotion and space – and it’s about 6 minutes long so it creates an entire experience. It’s sweet and gorgeous.

Ali Farka Toure – Ai Du
This takes me to a desert fantasy complete with sand, heat, poetry, exotic smells and more. Mmm…..

Feist – Honey Honey
There is something about this song that just works for me. It allows me to feel something I want to feel.

Buddy Guy – Sweet Little Angel
The first few notes of this song never fail to melt my spine. For me, it is the ultimate sink-into-my-body song. No. 1 on my deserted island list.

Lucinda Williams – Unsuffer Me
This woman has experienced love. In all it’s forms and dis-forms. I love her for that and her voice is vulnerable and brave at the same time.

Awolnation – Sail
I don’t know what this song is about but it moves me.

Stateless – Bloodstream
I do know what this song is about and it moves me. If you’ve ever had the feeling of someone living inside of you, this is a good one.

Rihanna – Skin
When I get here, this song hits the spot right on. Delicious.

Liberation dance with Shiva Rea
When I’m stressed, mad, sad or depleted. Go Shiva Rea!!

By the way, many of these songs I will be playing at my fall workshops. The dates have been released and I’ll talk more about them next week. For the eager, go to my Classes and Workshops page to check out the description, dates and register online.

Here’s the playlist!

If you’ve got music to share, send me a song that fills your body with happiness and/or a song that fills your body with lust. I’ll put them together in a new playlist and send it out.

Let’s all get happily humping together!!

As always, thank you and I hope my sharing of stories and thoughts helps us all to live more free, fun, sexy, pleasurable and juicy lives.

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