Juicy Woman Revolution course


The Juicy Woman Revolution course


An 8-week course in coming back to yourself, juiciness, connection, freedom, sensuality and rock star power through moving the body, nourishing the soul and changing the mind.


Spirit of Ecstasy by Rankin


Here’s why I think the Juicy Woman Revolution course is so needed.

I think that most women are doing too much and taking care of everyone else before themselves, which leaves them stressed, depleted, pissed off and exhausted. Which makes life suck.

I think most of us suffer from dissatisfaction, disconnection and negative messages about our bodies. Which prevents us from doing things as small as wearing bikinis to as large as feeling we are worthy of everything we want with just the body we have.

I think the world we live in makes it really hard to be in touch with who we are as women (not workers, partners, mothers, wives or daughters) and what we really want from life. Which can lead to our lives being lived for other people and not for ourselves. Which sucks.

I think we are overworked and under-whelmed. Resentful not radiant. Which is just…boring.

I think that most women exist without being connected to, living in and celebrating their own unique brand of desire and sensuality. Which can feel like a life half-lived.

I think we do a lot of living by other people’s expectations and what we think we should do. And that those voices are so loud and persistent that we lose our ability to hear our own voice. Which leads to an unfilled soul, a frustrated spirit and a sense of bitterness and discontent.

I think that our natural state is one of self-love, feminine power, soulful expression, feeling beautiful and worthy, being in tune with our sensuality and feeling like divine goddesses. (Yup, I just said that!). And I think we need to get back to that state.

And frankly, I don’t think we are having enough fun. Enough ecstasy. Enough joy. Enough self-fucking-rock-star-love. And that’s just not good enough, is it?!


I know that we can change all of the above. Through our bodies, our hearts and our minds.


Do you:

Take care of everyone else’s needs before your own and then get angry at yourself? And what’s worse, you can’t figure out how to change it?

Do you get blow-outs, keep up regular manis and pedis and go to the gym (all the “right” self-care stuff) but still feel like you are not really giving yourself what you need and want? 

Do you hold back in your life because you are waiting to get that perfect body, perfect job, be a perfect mom, perfect wife, perfect business owner but hmm…..you are just realizing that this waiting has gone on way too long?

Do you feel disconnected to what you really want in your life?

Do you find that your life is just one endless grind, one endless “to-do” list and just not fun?

Do you remember a time when you felt alive, great in your body and happy but you just don’t know how to get back there?

Do you feel like desire and sensuality is from a bygone era of your life?

If you answered yes to any of these (or all of these!), I know exactly what that feels like.



I’m not just selling a program; I’m living it. I’m walking the talk, baby.

Developing and living the Juicy Woman Revolution has allowed me to…*

  • Shift my priorities so that my nourishment, enjoyment and fulfillment is at the top of my list, not the bottom. (And not feel guilty about it.)

  • See my body as a gorgeous reflection of myself and a place filled with desire, pleasure, freedom and power.

  • Become intimately acquainted with my desires; what I truly want to be and have and how I want to feel.

  • Be proud of who I am. Know who I am. And love myself just the way I am.

  • Put to rest old beliefs, old stories, old bullshit and other ideas that I had about myself and my life that didn’t help me and got in the way of me truly shining.

  • Trust myself as the expert on me.

  • Be more honest, open and courageous with myself first, and then with my family and friends.

  • See being vulnerable as not a weakness but a way to a deeper and richer life.

  • Dive into exploring, being curious about and celebrating my own desire and sensuality. With openness and joy.

  • Realize that I am responsible for my happiness and that it is my job to create the life I want.

  • Know how to nourish myself, elevate myself and love myself with shit gets hard, challenging, scary or downright exhausting.

  • Have more fun. Love my life.




* Doesn’t my life sound just so perfect and wonderful?! Like it is all roses and sunshine and champagne and sexiness? Gag me with a spoon, right?! Well, here’s the truth. All of the above is true. And behind all of that truth, are my regular practices, the choices I make and the commitment I have to living a juicy life. It is work, my darlings. Harder work than living a mediocre existence. (But, psst, it’s just so much more fun!) My life is not always roses and sunshine but it is more often than not. And when it’s not, I know what to do.


“I’m having too much fun. I don’t want to stop! It feels amazing to move my body in your classes… I feel deeply relaxed and recharged afterwards. It’s delightful to spend a couple of hours on “receive” (versus the need to give/do things for others). I’m aware that I’m investing in myself and oh-so grateful for the opportunity. Thank you, Sophie!”

Holly M., Health Coach, instagram.com/pncoachholly

“I just wanted to share with you a woman empowerment course that has help me reconnect with my inner self through movement. I think it’s amazing. It’s changed me. Sophie is a pleasure and a source of light and inspiration to work with. She creates such a safe space to explore desires and pleasures. I haven’t felt this connected to myself in a few years. I haven’t felt like myself in a while and it feels SO good. Something inside is awake again. That ferocious, go get ‘em, sassy tiger. I love it. I feel so blessed to have experienced the light and inspiration Sophie has brought into my life. Here’s to the Juicy Woman Revolution!”


Here’s six things you will learn:

  • How to love the body you are in and allow that love to create confidence, pleasure and freedom.

  • How to make feeling good a priority. And self-nourishment an absolute necessity. Without the guilt.

  • How to be guided by your body, heart and soul – not just your brain.

  • How to reconnect with your desires, your sensuality and your essence as a woman.

  • How to find your own voice again. Belong to yourself. Become yourself.

  • What you really want. How you really want to feel. Who you really are.

Here’s five things you will get:

  • A place in a community of women who are supportive, uplifting and encouraging.

  • A space where you can feel, perfectly, yourself. Where you can feel free. Beautiful. Supported. Honoured. Safe. Sacred. Vibrant. Powerful.

  • A chance for you to recognize and celebrate your own unique beauty and essence.

  • Some “you” back. Time and space for you. About you. Inside you. With you in mind. Fulfilling you. Looking after you. Discovering you.

  • A whole lot of wonderful, authentic, moving, powerful, break-through, “a-ha” and vibrantly luscious moments.

“The Juicy Woman’s Revolution course has offered me way more than I bargained for!  I joined the class expecting to learn some fun, sexy dance moves and have come away from the class with a deeper insight into myself, tools in my toolkit to get myself out of a desire-less, stagnant funk and a feeling of reconnecting with myself.  As someone who adores self-exploration and prides themselves self-examination from many angles, I was surprised by the power and perspective Sophie’s journaling exercises offered me.  Ever week, we got the absolute pleasure of hearing Sophie’s candid, relatable and poignant views on pleasure, desire and how to reawaken the women within.  From the first class onwards, I gained a new-found curiosity about myself and I have given myself more license to feel whatever it is I’m feeling and, most importantly, to start thinking about what *I* want, what *I* need and what *I* desire.   If you’re feeling like you’re just floating through life, feeling a sense of emptiness, or you just want to have fun, I strongly recommend taking Sophie’s class! I guarantee that you won’t regret it!”

Stephanie, Toronto, ON

“I’m not a dancer even though the idea of being one deeply attracts me.  If you feel that way, Sophie will help you find that inside you – she’s a really amazing teacher (fun, funny, honest and supportive) who will show you how to really own the dance she teaches. She even went over those little technical questions that made me feel I really got the moves. Surprisingly, that wasn’t the whole magic of her course. I started the course feeling a little ‘dry’ in my heart, body and life.  My life looked good on paper but I didn’t feel that there was much sensual, expressive, dream potential left in it. This course really shifted those feelings and I found out that I still have a large number of dreams left to live.  Some of the classes left me tingling with transgression and a feeling of, ‘wow, some really cool things can still happen in my life’.  Learning the movement and letting myself go, I got lost in the music and my own expression and found that strong, fearless and fun-loving core inside me that is a hell of a lot more joyful than my day-to-day self.  I’ll have what she’s having (laugh). l really appreciate and thank Sophie for helping me find her. Thank you Sophie!!

VC – Consultant, Toronto

JuicyWomanLogo_Final 2

Let’s talk about some common fears.

(If your fear isn’t here, email me and tell me about it.)

I can’t dance!

A lot of women have this fear. Let me put it to rest. First of all, most of our movement is done on a mat. Not standing up. The movements are very slow – not done to a beat. I go over the moves fully and there is a lot of repetition. There is no choreography. You will be moving in a dimly-lit room with candles glowing and music playing. It will not feel like a dance class. But we will be dancing.

I don’t want to talk about my feelings and get all “self-help”.

I know how scary it can be to truly look into your heart and to truly express how you feel – even to yourself. I also know that if you want to fly high, you have to go in deep. There is glory in the work. And when you join the course, you have total responsibility for your experience in it. Meaning, you get to decide how much or if you share, how deep you go into the work and what your own comfort level is. You will always have the support to go deep but you will never be expected to do anything.

I’m so insecure about my body right now that I don’t think it’s the right time.

I’m going to let some JWR alumni answer this one for you by sharing how their relationship with their body changed because of the course.

“I stop and listen to it more. It wants what it wants and needs what it needs and instead of fighting that (like before with my brain trying to rationalize how I’m supposed to live), I feel more nurtured and loved as a result of listening to it and feeding it what it wants – whether that is food, water, rest, touch or even time and space to just be honoured and loved.” JLo

“When I started this particular course, I was coming off a broken ankle and I felt a bit betrayed by my body. But this course taught me that she’s still as strong as ever – even stronger now. She just needed me to pay attention and allow her to heal and give her the tools to succeed.” Jen R., Toronto

“I touch my body in a different way, appreciate her like never before. I walk differently and talk differently about my body. When someone comments about “looking good because I lost weight”, I tell them thanks, but I know I look good any size and any shape!” P.S. I go to bed naked. When I wake up, I look in the mirror and say “hello beautiful.” That happened because of this class!” Ashiya Kennita, Toronto/Bermuda

I’m worried about moving in front of other people.

Just drop this one completely. You will never have to dance in front of anyone by yourself. You will never be judged or tested on anything we learn. And you come into this course just the way you are. Let me take care of that worry. You just get to come and enjoy the learning, enjoy the exploring and fall in greater love and acceptance of who you are.



JuicyWomanLogo_Final 3

To finish off, here’s what some JWR alumni said when I asked them what they thought the biggest surprise or revelation women would experience taking this course.

“That being brave/courageous will be rewarded, although (it’s) scary. That change and power is within.” JLo

“That we can let it all out in this amazing, supportive, judge-free zone and we will see everyone’s beauty and have others recognize our own.” Jen R., Toronto

“(That they will) fall in love with their bodies, themselves and their lives.” Carol M.

“That being in my body feels familiar, not as unlike me as I sometimes think. I got to a place of enjoyment with the movements, once I stopped thinking so hard about how to do them right.”

“That all the power to transform lies within you and nothing else. And that they are beautiful.” Sapphira, Designer, Toronto

“We’re all in this together, and we are all so incredibly powerful and beautiful. Women are amazing creatures.”

“I think most women will discover a connection to their own sexiness that they have been seeking and weren’t sure how to access.”


“It’s been such an exciting and stimulating experience taking classes with Sophie! She brings nothing but passion and a zest for self-expression to everything she offers her students – it becomes contagious. There is no expectation or destination, just a journey of creative exploration in the sacred space she creates calling to the deepest parts of our feminine. She is nothing but authentic in wanting to help more women feel empowered in their own sensual essence by creating a safe container to explore a more meaningful relationship with our bodies and celebrating it’s unique radiance.”

Tia Komitas, Adventures of the Self-Expressed Girl, Toronto, ON



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Course format

Every two hour class (one class a week for 8 weeks) includes the following:


We have a long and slow warm-up, building our strength and flexibility and the language of the moves. It is a whole body warm-up – body, mind and heart. You will also learn the JWR routine.


We will talk about and work with 4 themes.


* Why do we resist feeling good?

* Why is pleasure and feeling good important?

* What can we do to begin to pursue pleasure and feeling good in our lives?


* Why are we so good at depleting and not good at nourishing? Why do we honour hard work and have disdain for ease, peace and a slow pace?

* Why do we need to nourish our bodies, minds and hearts?


* Why do we grow apart from our true desires?

* How can we start to hear our own hearts again and find out what they want us to know?

* What do we truly desire?

How do you want to feel in your life? (Inspired by my work as a licensed facilitator of The Desire Map, created by Danielle LaPorte.)

* What would happen if, instead of having goals which we hope will lead us to feeling a certain way (and all goals are about feeling a certain way), we started with how we wanted to feel and then set our goals?

* How do we want to feel in our lives?


Every week, you will receive a JWR email which elaborates on the theme, gives homework, offers tips and help from our in-class work and inspiration.


We finish off with an evening of celebration, connection, freedom and power. It is a moment to appreciate where we have been, what we have done and where we are going.



Fall 2015 Juicy Woman Revolution course details

Location: Dream Yoga Dance, 371 Danforth Avenue, just east of Broadview.

Dates: Thursday nights from October 8th – November 26th.

Time: 7:00 – 9:00pm

Graduation party: Friday, November 27th from 7:30 – 10:30pm.

Cost: $400 plus $52.00 HST


Joining me? I can’t wait to meet you.

Questions? Email me and ask me anything.