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November 7, 2014

Are we really defined by our roles? What a bummer.

November 7, 2014

I always look to THIS woman when I have a problem…

November 7, 2014
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Inner wisdom


There are times when I feel lost or overwhelmed. When I’m facing problems that I don’t know how to solve because I can’t see around my own petty emotions and issues. When I feel as if me, mere human, can’t step up to the challenge. When I feel helpless, I turn to my inner wisdom and ask “What would Juicy Sophie do?”.

I love this woman. She’s fierce. Undaunted by challenges. Open. Compassionate. Wise. Finds the fun in everything. Unfettered by ego, blame, guilt. She is endlessly positive. She bears no grudges because they don’t serve her. She looks at problems as opportunities and ignores anything that prevents her from confronting them with love and a sense of humour.

For example, when I have something difficult that I want to say to someone, I need her help. I might have issues around the conversation. Or feel afraid of rejection. Afraid of rocking the boat. Of saying too much. Of hurting feelings. I may lack the courage to carry it through, although I know I want to say it and that it is the right step to take forward. Enter Juicy Sophie. She doesn’t even flinch. She knows that the fear of the conversation is worth the risk. She approaches it with compassion and honesty. She is breathtakingly clear in her conviction that because she feels that it is something she wants to say, that it is worth saying. That it is important. She doesn’t bat an eye at issues in relationships because she knows that it is an opportunity to make them even better. She rushes in, happy to set things right, happy to right a wrong, happy to have a conversation about something important to her because she does it from a place of joy and love.

What I love about Juicy Sophie is what she doesn’t let get in her way. Fear. Doubt. Jealousy. Grudges. Anger. What ifs.  She doesn’t run from problems. She greets them with a smile, a glass of wine and an open, glorious heart. She operates from a place of FREEDOM because she is always searching for ways to make her life richer and she knows that how she approaches challenges and problems is crucial to her sense of freedom and joy.


So then I say to myself “If I was FREE to solve this problem how I really wanted to – free from fear, guilt, self-doubt, anxiousness, perceptions, ego, old ideas and patterns – what would I do?” That’s what Juicy Sophie does.

Instead of getting depressed, she opens champagne and ponders what she needs from the universe. Instead of feeling guilty, she makes no apologies for what she needs and wants and makes it happen. Instead of avoiding a conversation, she jumps right in because she knows that her courage and honesty can make the relationship fly higher. Instead of getting hurt by rejection or something not going her way, she ups her game with total enthusiasm and confidence.

She is me. This Juicy woman. She is the wiser version of myself who knows how to proceed in every situation, if only I will listen to her. She knows that if I can let go of my ego, hurt, fear, limited beliefs, past experiences, history, stories and all the rest of my own bullshit, then I can proceed into every situation with love, honesty and a sense of humour and fun.

So, the next time you don’t know how to approach a problem, think of this. What would your Juicy version do? How would she kick-ass in the problem, face a challenge with glee, let bygones be bygones and have fun in the face of difficulty? If you were FREE to solve the problem in any way you wanted to, what would you do?

We have earned this inner wisdom. This juicy version of ourselves. She has been born from our experiences, our innate sense of what makes us shine and what doesn’t. She knows that we need to move past the thoughts and actions that will never serve us well and she knows that we have the courage to do it. Let’s use her.

If you are interested in living life as the Juicy version of yourself, join me for the Juicy Woman Revolution course starting in January 2015. Interested in a taster? I have one more workshop left this year – Saturday, December 8th. Read about it here!

As always, thank you for spending your precious time and energy with me!

Sophie xo

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