Guilt – kicking it’s *ss in my first audio recording!

Here it is; my first audio recording. Just changing it up. Sometimes my mouth works faster than my brain so I thought this might be a good medium to try. I’m building up to video. (And to the movies, obviously.)

I chose guilt as my topic. Because every woman has it. Every woman feels it. And it is such a party-pooper. After many conversations with women about this topic, I wanted to share my thoughts and stories on the part guilt has played in my life.

We feel guilty for not being a great girlfriend. Or wife. We feel guilty for spending too much time at work. Or not enough. We feel guilty when we say “no”, don’t call back, cancel plans, feel something we shouldn’t.

In this recording, I talk about what I think guilt actually is (two energies coming together in conflict), stories from my life and how I learned to kick it’s ass. Because, trust me, we need to approach guilt with heavy artillery. Like gusto, guts, courage, determination and a sparkle of juicy magic dust.

The best thing about guilt is that it challenges our truth. It challenges our commitment to the life we want to live. It challenges our allegiance to the good girlfriend, good worker, good woman, good mother model. In other words, guilt can set us free. (When we kick it’s ass.)

Click here to listen to this recording. Enjoy. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

As always, thank you for reading.

Author: Sophie

Hi! I'm Sophie Luxton, owner of the Juicy Woman Revolution. I created Juicy Woman Revolution out of my yearning for MORE in my life.

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