What is Sophie's feminine soulful movement class?

This class is two hours of movement to hand-curated music. The class takes place in a dimly-lit, warm room. We spend most of our time on our mats, moving our bodies in slow and sensual circular movements, stretching the body and releasing tension. This movement is designed to put a woman deeply in touch with her body, her emotions and to give her a new sense of her own beauty.
There is freedom in the body when we move in a way that melts a part of us and lets us become, even for a moment, untamed.

There is love in the body when we move slowly enough and are quiet enough to hear our own voice of compassion.

There is remembering in the body. We remember who we are and that we are sensual, emotional, powerful and alive.

There is power in the body when we begin to move as we feel, without apology and in full acceptance and love.
Sophie is taking a break from teaching regular classes to create a new vision of her business.
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"Sophie, I am in awe of this class! I literally get a breakthrough every time I come. I am in love with, and feel intimately connected to, my body and myself more and more after every class." - Gail Scott
Let me ask you. What would change in your life if...

You allowed yourself to feel good and to seek out pleasure as if it was crucial to your existence?

You knew intimately the curves and the flavours of your body and celebrated them?

You walked around in absolute radiant rightness about who you are, what you want and how you feel?

If you are anything like me, the answer is: everything would change.
What is possible by taking this class?

If you can get to a class, it will be worth it. And you'll give me a chance to help you experience a different way of living and breathing as a woman.

One class will allow your cells to rearrange themselves in ways they haven't been in for a long time. One class will relax your body and open your mind to what paying more attention to your body feels like. One class helps you to tune into your emotions and allows you to feel what it's like to release them. One class can put you into a place of rightness about yourself. That your body is right. That all that you feel and want is right. That you are right.

If you continue to do the practice, with every class your experience changes and transforms and deepens and you begin to live in a slightly different way in your body and in your life.

When a woman allows herself to do things that fill her up, everything changes around her. Her work, her relationships and her life. A full woman changes the ecology of her life just by being full and in absolute rightness about who she is. A woman who loves her body and celebrates it's unique movement and moods becomes unstoppable by self-doubt. A woman who moves for her own pleasure becomes a magnet to those around her who want to bask in her light. A woman who reclaims the wildness inside, who finds spaces where she can be unshackled is a woman who begins to create her life according to her own rules.

What to bring:

Please wear very comfortable clothes you can move in - workout or yoga style. Please bring layers so if you get cool or hot, you can always maintain a comfortable temperature. And wear things that feel really good against your skin - whether that's cozy socks, a cozy toque, a particular shirt or whatever makes you feel comfortable and luxurious.

There are yoga mats and blankets at the studio but if you'd like to bring your own, please do so.
Getting there:

Location: The Healthy Joint at 540 Mount Pleasant Rd 2nd floor., Toronto, ON.

Driving and Parking:
The studio is located on the northwest corner of Mt. Pleasant & Belsize on the 2nd floor, above the Vacuum King. (Belsize is 2 blocks north of Davisville.)
There is Green-P metered parking on Mt. Pleasant and most of the local side streets have 1-hour free parking. There is also a Green P underground parking lot at 650 Mt Pleasant Rd, which is just two blocks north of the studio on the same side of the street (west).

From Davisville Station, the Davisville 28 and Bayview 11 bus routes run along Davisville Ave. and both stop at Mt. Pleasant.
If you want to get a little closer, there is actually a bus that stops right at the corner of Belsize and Mt Pleasant leaving from St. Clair Station: the Mt. Pleasant 74. This bus does not run very often so check the times before you commit to this mode.
When to arrive:

Leave early to arrive early. Let this be one time during your week when you don't rush out of the house or leave at the last minute or do some errands on your way. Leaving extra time to both arrive at the studio and arrive home afterwards is a really great way to break the pattern of constantly racing.
What else do I need to know?

Plan ahead so you can relax for the rest of the evening after class. This will allow the experience of the class to sink into your body and you will heighten your experience by giving it more time to be enjoyed. Take a cab home so you don't need to drive. Finish up your daily chores so there is nothing to do before bedtime. Allow for a bath and a glass of wine when you get home. Take the TTC home and sit in stillness. It's so easy to want to rush into the next thing but when we do that endlessly, nothing sticks. We skim the top of all of our experiences without ever going deeply into them. The richness is in the deepness. So see what you can do to extend the experience of the class and let it settle into your cells.
"Thank YOU for an amazing class. It was EXACTLY what I needed. And so opening and freeing. This work you do is so powerful, Sophie." - Amber
*All single classes and class cards are valid for one year after purchase.
Your class/es purchase will be kept on file at the studio.