How do you want to feel in 2016?

January 2, 2016

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedinHere’s a short email to share with you the words that women used in my last graduation night of 2015 to describe how they wanted to feel. On these graduation nights from the Juicy Woman Revolution course, I put up a piece of paper with the title “I want to feel…” and women add their own words throughout the evening. And then, lucky me, I …

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This quote about fear melted me

June 4, 2015

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedinOne of the scariest things someone can ask you is “What do you want?”. If it’s someone who doesn’t seem that interested or someone who doesn’t make you feel like sharing, you can easily shrug it off with, “What everyone wants, of course, darling, a petit chateau in the Alps, a gorgeous lover and diamond earrings.” But when it is asked by someone who cares, someone …

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