Writing from the darkness of domesticity…again

November 20, 2018

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin    As some of you know, I have been taking a break from work since September. Three months in, I find myself grateful for the extra time and space and also bristling against my now (even) more domestic mode. (Since there is nothing else to take my focus.) I hate domesticity. I rail against it. All the time. Almost every day. I hate everything …

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Monks, Crowns and Menstruation

July 31, 2018

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin  FYI, there is NO class on Friday, August 3rd and Monday, August 6th for the long weekend. Monks Sorry, monks. Try tending to your soul, carrying and releasing your suffering and actively practicing compassion while your two kids demand three meals a day plus snacks, leave endless messes as they move from craft to craft, bring insects, mud and sand into the house, scream …

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If your fear was a person, what would she be like?

February 21, 2018

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedinI am getting to know my fear intimately. She is an angry, cruel, rebellious teenager.  She spits out toxic thoughts and encircles me in a cloud of doom. She hates everything, rejects everything and prides herself on her resistance. I used to think that she was the truth. But she isn’t. She is my fear. She is the one who pretends to hate me but …

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Do you ever feel not worthy?

June 26, 2017

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin    Whoa, this is a doozie. Is it for you? I have so many talks with women about how difficult it can be to prioritize ourselves. About how we intellectually know what “self care” is and how important (apparently) it is but actually putting into action that knowing is so hard. Becoming not just a surviving woman but a thriving woman seems impossible. We …

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Your erotic body

June 13, 2017

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin  What happened to you when you read those 3 words? Your. Erotic. Body. Did you feel intrigued? Curious? Jealous? Did you roll your eyes and think, fer kerist sake’s, Sophie, enough with the freakin’ body stuff… Did you feel your body shut down? Resist? Turn off? Did you feel yearning? Sadness? Deep whispering desire? Did your mind whirl with judgements or self-critical thoughts? (Perhaps …

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The “Pleasured Body” program

June 6, 2017

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin  My new program is called”The Pleasured Body” program and it is designed to bring a woman and her body back together. This program is designed to bring a woman and her body back together again through pleasure – the pleasure of movement, the pleasure of nourishment, the pleasure of the senses and the pleasure of emotional release. Don’t know what that means or how to do it? …

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Where did we learn to take such poor care of ourselves?

October 26, 2016

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin    Where did we learn to take such poor care of ourselves? Maybe we learned it from our mothers – and how they were in service to everyone else. And now that we think about it, we can’t remember anything else about her – what her dreams were, the nights she went out dancing or her weekends away with girlfriends. Maybe it’s what we …

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Scratch the surface of every woman and here’s what you get

August 14, 2016

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin    The first time I did this exercise, I was so amazed and heart-filled to see every woman instantly start writing. Some of them wrote furiously as words poured out. Other women filled page after page. Some women wrote, looked up, smiled, looked down and continued writing. It brought some women to tears. But not one woman sat there, having nothing to write. The …

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What I struggled with in learning how to prioritize myself

June 29, 2016

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin    When I first felt the angry, desperate and sad yearnings inside me for more nourishment, I was in a dark place. At home with a new baby. Spending my days preparing food, cleaning up food, cleaning up the house, washing dishes, preparing more food, cleaning up more food, changing diapers, doing laundry, putting the babe down for a nap, cleaning up the kitchen, …

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An “a-ha” moment and why the body is IT

May 24, 2016

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin    I’ve been talking a lot about my upcoming full-day Juicy Woman Revolution retreat happening on Saturday, July 16th in Toronto, Ontario. My two big goals for you if you attend is that you have a mind-blowing experience and that you leave with tools to continue to feel that way in your day-to-day life. Registration opens in June. I’m freaking excited and honoured and thrilled and can’t wait. …

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