The power of being emotional

Writing from the darkness of domesticity…again

November 20, 2018

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin    As some of you know, I have been taking a break from work since September. Three months in, I find myself grateful for the extra time and space and also bristling against my now (even) more domestic mode. (Since there is nothing else to take my focus.) I hate domesticity. I rail against it. All the time. Almost every day. I hate everything …

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What my grief feels like

October 16, 2018

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin  I am beginning to offer grief and rage workshops and I want to share some of my experience with grief with you. To let you know that you are not alone. That you are not wrong for feeling deep sadness. I am right there with you. There are so many reasons for us to grieve. Death. Of a person or of a dream. Struggle. …

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In love with men

April 10, 2018

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin  There are so many reasons that women have to be angry and disappointed by men. I don’t need to talk about that here but I a few days ago, I listened to the “Cross Country Checkup” program on CBC radio regarding the Humboldt Broncos bus crash tragedy. Most of the callers happened to be men so I got to listen for about an hour …

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Update from the tender place

April 3, 2018

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin  If you didn’t read my last blog post, here it is. It is called “Writing from inside a tender place” because I felt so compelled to share a bit of what it’s like for me to be in a dark and hard place. I was so moved by all of the comments and personal emails I got back from everyone. Hands reaching out to …

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Writing from inside a tender place

March 28, 2018

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin    I don’t usually write about something that I am going through at the moment because it feels too tender, too exploitive. But I feel called to do this so perhaps, one of you is calling this out of me. I am struggling at the moment. Very much in the last few days. I was away for the weekend on a program and when …

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This is how Christmas makes my body feel

December 15, 2017

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin  So, where to begin… Christmas! Holidays! Christmas. Holidays. Sigh. Every year, I forget how mental the holidays can be. Everyone is sick or just getting sick or just getting over being sick. People are dropping like flies and plans get cancelled at every corner. Everyone is tired from a year of going and pushing and doing. Then there are presents to buy (or make….yuck), …

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Diaries of a retreat – Part 3/3

November 12, 2017

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin  This is the final installation in my “Diary of a retreat” writings. Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here. Day 3 The theme for me this retreat has been belonging. A big challenge to the story I’m holding on to about not being worthy of love and belonging.  I know on a cellular level what it feels like to be the outsider. …

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How to kill a desire

October 3, 2017

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin  Yes, I’m into desires these days. If you didn’t read my post called “Audacious, scary, body buzzing, delicious desire”, you can read it here. What are desires? For me, they are simply things, feelings and experiences that I want. And, for me, they have a deepness to them that simply “wanting” doesn’t seem to have. A simple want comes from my mouth and a …

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Truth telling. Deep breath. Open mouth.

September 13, 2017

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin    Telling the truth. It’s big. It’s hard. It takes remarkable courage. (Not to say something like “I don’t like peaches” but to say something like “Yesterday, I broke down in tears because I realized that I’m not really happy.”) I believe telling the truth can save our lives. (Along with Wonder Woman.) I had to start telling the truth to myself. To admit …

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Victim much? I’ll share mine if you share yours…

May 8, 2017

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin  As I spend more time on this internal journey to get back to myself, I start to see where my shadows are. The hard crusty parts I need to scrape away. The darkness that I need to shed light on. The twists and turns that I need to follow to get to the truth…the sometimes very hard to admit truth. Shining light on the …

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