Sensuality and sexuality

The indecency of pleasure…and a wading pool

September 28, 2018

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin  I was at a wading pool. The water was so so cold and the weather was so so hot. I sat beside two little girls as they played in the pool. One of them dribbled some cold water on my hot leg and it felt delicious. They were delighted at my delight.  They spent a long time filling up their buckets with cold water …

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WHAT IF. What If. What if. what if. what if. what if…

May 29, 2018

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin  I look around and I see so much of our strength. Our wisdom. Our fucking gigantic hearts and our deep deep wisdom that instinctively is drawn to heal and love. Our beauty…oh my, so much beauty. Our warrior courage. Our magnetic sensuality and our naughty, mysterious, breathtaking, joyful sexuality. And over that, I see the veil. The veil of self-doubt. Comparison. Overwhelm. Bitterness. Guilt. …

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I fell off the stage and about the movement I teach

October 11, 2017

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin  This article is for both people who have been following my blog for many years and maybe have taken classes with me in the past. It is also for new friends who have entered this journey with me later on. I want to talk about the type of movement I used to teach and what I teach now. My hope is that I will …

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Your erotic body

June 13, 2017

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin  What happened to you when you read those 3 words? Your. Erotic. Body. Did you feel intrigued? Curious? Jealous? Did you roll your eyes and think, fer kerist sake’s, Sophie, enough with the freakin’ body stuff… Did you feel your body shut down? Resist? Turn off? Did you feel yearning? Sadness? Deep whispering desire? Did your mind whirl with judgements or self-critical thoughts? (Perhaps …

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Your body. Pleasured.

May 29, 2017

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin  Your body. Pleasured. Interested? I have been on a deep relationship with my body for about the last 6 years. (But who’s kidding who – we have all been on a journey with our bodies our whole lives.) My intention in giving my body attention morphed from being able to accept and be happy with my body, to actually loving my body, to feeling free …

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A summer of surrender…and a fall of getting naked

September 1, 2016

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedinHello all, It’s been lovely to be offline for a few weeks this summer and forced to, having both kids with me most of the summer, forget a bit about work and concentrate entirely on living. My summer’s themes have been sunshine (a lot), surrender (spending all day with two children forces me to either surrender or fight to the death, which is exhausting), and sensuality. Not …

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An “a-ha” moment and why the body is IT

May 24, 2016

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin    I’ve been talking a lot about my upcoming full-day Juicy Woman Revolution retreat happening on Saturday, July 16th in Toronto, Ontario. My two big goals for you if you attend is that you have a mind-blowing experience and that you leave with tools to continue to feel that way in your day-to-day life. Registration opens in June. I’m freaking excited and honoured and thrilled and can’t wait. …

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My tools for keeping my sexy alive and happy

September 10, 2015

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedinGorgeous. How is your sexy doing these days? Is she alive and buzzing? Vibrant and ever-expanding? Happily bouncing along with every step you take? Or is she numb? Asleep? Does she feel like a relic from another age? When you were young/single/happy/loved/confident/less busy….? If so, you are not alone. I believe that our sexy is like an orchid. She needs very particular conditions to flourish. …

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The conversations we are NOT having about female desire

August 6, 2015

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedinFemale desire is a big issue these days. What it is. How it works. What it needs. What we don’t know about it. Why women lose it. How and if they can get it back. If there is a drug that can re-create it. (There are lots of people working hard on this one.) I am so turned on by women’s desire. Mostly because I want desire to …

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Why I use THIS word to describe my sexuality

May 13, 2015

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedinThere are two words that have become part of my lexicon that, even a few years ago, would have warranted an eye-roll from me. Or seven. Goddess. Sacred. The idea of the Goddess was so airy-fairy, so dripping with yuck, so reminiscent of patchouli and underarm hair that I dismissed the word absolutely. It was only later that I connected the word to an honour, …

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