The sisterhood, coffee talk and the depth of the feminine…

January 31, 2017

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin  Every once in a while, my brain wants to vomit out my thoughts in a messy but heartfelt way. Trigger finger, really. Editing be damned! Re-reading tossed aside! Grammar begone!  (Actually, you got me on that one because I can’t have any grammatical mistakes, I just CAN’T!) So, here goes. The sisterhood, coffee talk and the depth of the feminine (should we choose to …

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New York, a book title I can’t write here and total ramblings…

September 22, 2016

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin  I really tried hard to put all of these ideas into some sort of order but it just hurt my brain too much so I decided to go freestyle and just spew thoughts and moments onto the page and walk away, satisfied. Hopefully, the satisfaction isn’t just for me and that somewhere in this mess of a blog, there is a nugget of shivers …

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I went all the way to SF to break down

September 14, 2016

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedinEarlier this year, I attended a day retreat with Sarah Jenks and Nisha Moodley. I didn’t know much about either of these women but I had been on their email lists for a while and working at home by myself can really be isolating so every once in a while, I leap out of my chair and just grab onto something that connects me to …

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Desire. Appetite. Hunger. Wanting.

July 21, 2016

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin  What are your deep desires? One of things we talk about at the JWR retreat is DESIRE. As in, what do you really want? What do you want for yourself, greedily, selfishly, gloriously, revelling in what it is to be you and want what you uniquely want. To know and live inside your desires is both deliciously forbidden (a woman’s appetite, in all it’s …

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What I struggled with in learning how to prioritize myself

June 29, 2016

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin    When I first felt the angry, desperate and sad yearnings inside me for more nourishment, I was in a dark place. At home with a new baby. Spending my days preparing food, cleaning up food, cleaning up the house, washing dishes, preparing more food, cleaning up more food, changing diapers, doing laundry, putting the babe down for a nap, cleaning up the kitchen, …

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What these women wanted SO deeply

June 21, 2016

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin    I want my husband to desire me. I want my body to forgive me. I want to trust fully again. I want to show my husband this part of me – all of me. I want hot, passionate, window-breaking, earth-shaking sex. I want to open my heart. I want to be vulnerable. I want to accept love. I want to heal the scared …

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Why we really need each other…the alchemy of the feminine

June 13, 2016

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin    Alchemy – “a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or combination.” This definition was taken from When I looked it up in my hardcover Oxford American Dictionary, there was a different definition, “a medieval form of chemistry, the chief aim of which was to discover how to turn ordinary metals into gold.” Both of these definitions suit me well. The alchemy I …

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Can I help you make this big change in your life?

June 5, 2016

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin  I have opened registration for the Juicy Woman Revolution full-day retreat on July 16th in Toronto, Canada. My intention is that every woman who comes walks away having been filled to the brim with self-love, in a body that she feels connected to and adoring of, and having experienced what it feels like to be fully expressed and fully herself. And most importantly, she’s going …

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I just had to write this about our crisis of overwhelm

May 30, 2016

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin   I know a lot about my overwhelm. My anxiety. My too much. I am in a constant flux of where my too much is, what to drop, what to take on, what my needs are right now and what I need to do today to love and honour myself. (And when you start to live in your body more than in your brain, you …

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An “a-ha” moment and why the body is IT

May 24, 2016

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin    I’ve been talking a lot about my upcoming full-day Juicy Woman Revolution retreat happening on Saturday, July 16th in Toronto, Ontario. My two big goals for you if you attend is that you have a mind-blowing experience and that you leave with tools to continue to feel that way in your day-to-day life. Registration opens in June. I’m freaking excited and honoured and thrilled and can’t wait. …

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