Truth telling. Deep breath. Open mouth.

September 13, 2017

Google+emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin    Telling the truth. It’s big. It’s hard. It takes remarkable courage. (Not to say something like “I don’t like peaches” but to say something like “Yesterday, I broke down in tears because I realized that I’m not really happy.”) I believe telling the truth can save our lives. (Along with Wonder Woman.) I had to start telling the truth to myself. To admit …

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Your erotic body

June 13, 2017

Google+emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin  What happened to you when you read those 3 words? Your. Erotic. Body. Did you feel intrigued? Curious? Jealous? Did you roll your eyes and think, fer kerist sake’s, Sophie, enough with the freakin’ body stuff… Did you feel your body shut down? Resist? Turn off? Did you feel yearning? Sadness? Deep whispering desire? Did your mind whirl with judgements or self-critical thoughts? (Perhaps …

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Your body. Pleasured.

May 29, 2017

Google+emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin  Your body. Pleasured. Interested? I have been on a deep relationship with my body for about the last 6 years. (But who’s kidding who – we have all been on a journey with our bodies our whole lives.) My intention in giving my body attention morphed from being able to accept and be happy with my body, to actually loving my body, to feeling free …

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Victim much? I’ll share mine if you share yours…

May 8, 2017

Google+emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin  As I spend more time on this internal journey to get back to myself, I start to see where my shadows are. The hard crusty parts I need to scrape away. The darkness that I need to shed light on. The twists and turns that I need to follow to get to the truth…the sometimes very hard to admit truth. Shining light on the …

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To any woman in some darkness right now

March 21, 2017

Google+emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin    This post is for any woman who is in a dark and challenging place right now because she has dared to begin to listen to her own voice, to hear her own desires, to voice her deep truths and to want to become the writer of her own story. Sometimes, this journey is a choice we make. And other times, it is put upon …

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The sisterhood, coffee talk and the depth of the feminine…

January 31, 2017

Google+emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin  Every once in a while, my brain wants to vomit out my thoughts in a messy but heartfelt way. Trigger finger, really. Editing be damned! Re-reading tossed aside! Grammar begone!  (Actually, you got me on that one because I can’t have any grammatical mistakes, I just CAN’T!) So, here goes. The sisterhood, coffee talk and the depth of the feminine (should we choose to …

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Extend your after-glow….miaow…..!

January 24, 2017

Google+emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin  By after-glow, I mean that super-delicious feeling that comes after you’ve done something you are proud of. A first. Or a really good. Or just something you dived into, even though you were terrified. Or anything that you did (or that was done to you….mmmm….) that made you. feel. good. I’ve found that I can either cut the legs off my after-glow so it …

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Do you ever feel like your brain is your enemy?

January 12, 2017

Google+emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin  When I talk about helping women to live more in their bodies and less in their heads, I always get a big YES response. And it’s the less in their heads part that really resonates with many of us. We might not know what it is to live in our bodies but we sure as heck know what it’s like to live in our …

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The warrior who fights for everyone else but herself

January 5, 2017

Google+emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin  (I can’t believe that I had actually forgotten about Xena, Warrior Princess for a few years. Never again!!) Do you recognize yourself in this? The warrior who fights for everyone else but herself? We rage at our schools, our daycares and our camps to demand better treatment, better food, better playgrounds, better resources for our kids. We join petitions and send emails to complain …

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My dream friend, Oprah and being full of yourself

December 13, 2016

Google+emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin    There is an interview that Brene Brown does with Oprah on her Living Brave interview series. I want to share it with you, quite simply, because it is entirely engrossing. I have watched it twice and will likely watch it again. This time, with wine! I wish that Brene Brown was my friend. She may be, one day. I would start by saying …

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