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A summer of surrender…and a fall of getting naked

September 1, 2016

Hello all, It’s been lovely to be offline for a few weeks this summer and forced to, having both kids with me most of the summer, forget a bit about work and concentrate entirely on living. My summer’s themes have been sunshine (a lot), surrender (spending all day with two children forces me to either surrender or fight to the death, which is exhausting), and sensuality. Not …

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Can I help you make this big change in your life?

June 5, 2016

  I have opened registration for the Juicy Woman Revolution full-day retreat on July 16th in Toronto, Canada. My intention is that every woman who comes walks away having been filled to the brim with self-love, in a body that she feels connected to and adoring of, and having experienced what it feels like to be fully expressed and fully herself. And most importantly, she’s going …

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My tools for keeping my sexy alive and happy

September 10, 2015

Gorgeous. How is your sexy doing these days? Is she alive and buzzing? Vibrant and ever-expanding? Happily bouncing along with every step you take? Or is she numb? Asleep? Does she feel like a relic from another age? When you were young/single/happy/loved/confident/less busy….? If so, you are not alone. I believe that our sexy is like an orchid. She needs very particular conditions to flourish. …

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Bring me your sh*t

July 16, 2015

That title is so provocative! Mmm….me lovey. There’s a back-story to this title. I’ve been thinking about what I “want” women to bring to my classes. I used to borrow what I had heard in yoga classes and ask students to leave everything at the door. To be in class, free from their daily worries and stresses. But as my experience deepened with the Juicy Woman …

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Man, is this afterglow legal?!

March 4, 2015

  After last Friday’s graduation party from the first “Juicy Woman Revolution” course, I went to bed at 2:00am, got up at 6:00am and then drove with my daughter about an hour and a half to spend the day with my parents. I spent the drive flying high from the night before and crying to “The Sound of Music”. Yes, part of it was the …

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Meet your most fearless, confident and pure self

December 17, 2014

“She does what she wants and never anything to impress or please. She dances in the shadows when she wants and on centre stage when she wants. Her body is made for pleasure and she curves and rolls and reaches and mesmerizes. She is ice cold and fire hot. She is untouchable. Untameable. Unknowable.” These are some of the notes I made at the S-Factor retreat in January …

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I want YOU!

November 19, 2014

Okay, here it is. The hard sell. I want you to join my course in January. I want you to have an opportunity to experience a different way of being. I want you to feel amazing about yourself and your life. I want us to help each other to create a new lifestyle where we adore who we are and how we do things, we create …

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What I hear A LOT from women…

October 29, 2014

Here’s what I hear a lot from women when I send out an email about a workshop I’m having. You know, one of those sexy workshops. “Sophie, I would love to some day but I’m just not ready yet.” “I’m trying to lose some weight and when I do, I’ll totally come.” “I don’t have anyone in my life right now.” “I’m just too tired. I don’t have …

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