Business talk

I can’t teach you…or me…this

January 10, 2018

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin  When I started this business, I had this idea, perhaps unspoken but there, that I would teach a way to reach perfection. I would teach my way to reach perfection. Learn what I know, do it my way and the result of your hard work will be that you will be forever perfect! Sheltered from the storms. Fitter. Thinner. More beautiful. Happier. Cleaner. With¬†glowy …

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Extend your after-glow….miaow…..!

January 24, 2017

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedin  By after-glow, I mean that super-delicious feeling that comes after you’ve done something you are proud of. A first. Or a really good. Or just something you dived into, even though you were terrified. Or anything that you did (or that was done to you….mmmm….) that made you. feel. good. I’ve found that I can either cut the legs off my after-glow so it …

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