The Juicy Woman Revolution


If you are anything like me, you’ve had moments where you thought, “Is this all there is?”. Moments where the energy that goes into taking care of everyone else’s needs is completely depleted. And there is nothing left over for you. Moments where you have felt totally dried up. A shadow of your former self. And whether it’s from children, marriage, a household to manage, a career to build, a business to create or the rat race of “busyness” and the endless demands of social media, you have felt like you hardly knew who you were. Or what you wanted. And the thought of being a well-nourished, sensual, powerful woman who believes in her own worth, beauty and truth seemed like an impossible (and laughable) fantasy.

Oh, yeah. I’ve been there. I know what it feels like to be drowning in overwhelm, exhaustion, depletion, guilt, self-doubt, judgement, comparison (add your stuff here), to be so very busy and full of stuff to do and yet so very empty and unfulfilled at the same time.

There was a moment for me when I knew in my bones that unless I made a stand for what I wanted my life to be like, the default version of it would just roll right over me. So I made a fierce commitment to finding another way to live. What I didn’t realize then was that I had actually made a deep commitment to myself. I had chosen myself. For perhaps the first time in my life.

I wanted to find a way to live that made me feel juicy. That made me remember that I was a woman first, and not just an entrepreneur/business woman/daughter/ friend/mother/wife. I wanted to feel nourished, beautiful, powerful and free to be exactly who I was. I wanted to cultivate my dreams, expand my desires and love living my life. What I needed was a revolution.

And that’s how the Juicy Woman Revolution was created.

The Juicy Woman Revolution teaches tools that support and celebrate women who want to live their lives as themselves. Deeply honouring and loving themselves. Making decisions based on what is good for them and what they want. And enjoying the hell out of who they are…instead of trying to be someone else.

Why a “revolution”?


Women today face challenges that are both entirely new and absurdly old. We are torn between careers and families – and often feel like we fail at both. We still carry most of the responsibility for child care and household work. We may have other care taking responsibilities, ranging from parents to siblings and dependent friends. While we try to be everything to everyone else, we are not living as ourselves.

The story is, that we have all the freedom we need to thrive but the reality is, we still have a hard time investing money, time and energy into ourselves. We do everything for our careers, businesses, children, partners (or anyone else who asks) and end up exhausted, overworked, depleted, pissed off and angry. We are trapped between wanting to spread our wings gloriously and feeling the pressure to adhere to the still-prevelant ideal of the sacrificial woman.

We are too stressed to relax. Too frantic to slow down. Too overwhelmed to make conscious choices. Too busy to have fun. Everything about our current lifestyle makes it rebellious (and difficult) to live from our own truth. We trust other people’s opinions, thoughts and “ways” over our own. We are constantly distracted by outside influences while we move further and further away from our own wisdom and power. We doubt our instinct. Punish and control our bodies into perfection. We quiet our rages, ignore our messiness and shove down how we really feel and what we really need. Our lives seem to have no room or energy for our sensuality, our wildness, our radiance and our fierce beauty.

We still find it hard to voice our desires. To feel worthy of what we want. We live in a world where being a strong, beautiful and powerful woman is applauded in it’s most toothless versions while an authentic woman who is committed to who she is and what she wants is envied and feared.

To feel beautiful, powerful and free is something we all yearn for.

But how do we get there?


Good question. How DO we get there?


When we start to connect emotionally to our bodies and listen to our truth, when we allow ourselves to feel what we feel and want what we want, we fly. When we start to deeply nourish ourselves and stop serving everyone else’s needs before our own, we start to replace exhaustion, bitterness and self- judgement with energy, fun and self-love. When we start to honour ourselves and make decisions based on how it makes us feel and whether it nurtures or diminishes us, we begin to claim the power to decide how our lives are.

We can reclaim our beauty. Our worth. Our power. And our freedom.

Believe me. It’s possible and it’s available. For you. And for me. Together. Join the Juicy Woman Revolution community to receive tips and tools on living a juicy life, thoughts, insights and interviews and hear about upcoming retreats, online courses, free resources and coaching opportunities.