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January 7, 2015

How I started to get my mojo back – Part 1

January 7, 2015
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(By the way, this photo is taken from “Advanced Style” – both a book and a documentary about women in their later years who continue to shine and express themselves with outrageous joy for life. Gorgeous and inspiring. You can find out more about “Advanced Style” here.)

I was in the gym over the holidays and overheard a conversation between two women, both in their late 50’s. One stood on the scale and told her friend that she was up 2 pounds and it was because of the 7 or 8 shortbread cookies she had eaten the night before. Her friend commiserated with her. And then they both remarked that that was the very reason they came to the gym.

I found this conversation both interesting and depressing. Interesting because it was the exact conversation I could imagine happening between two teenage girls; caught in that vulnerable time where it is a challenge to love themselves as they are, without forcing their bodies to be something else. But these weren’t teenage girls. These were fully-formed grown women. Had their measure of their bodies not changed at all? How sad, I thought.

Her obsession with those insignificant numbers seemed so……..small. Such a small and insignificant way to measure the value of a body. Or of a life.

(I was secretly hoping to overhear another conversation between two women, both in their late 50’s, about how they were now “up 2 pounds” because they had been on vacation in Italy with their 20 year-old boyfriends and had put on weight eating delicious food and making love all day. No such luck YET!)

Then I started to think about different ways to measure life with numbers and here are some ideas I came up with;

We can measure the # of times:

* we are brave enough to say something we are afraid of saying

* we compliment someone on a job well done and make their day

* we have, think about, desire or imagine mind-blowing, glorious sex

* we go out dancing

* we lose ourselves in the moment and feel transported out of regular life

* we pee our pants from laughing

* we are honest and vulnerable and REAL in a conversation with a trusted one

* we experience ecstasy in our bodies

* we play outside

* we have opera playing while we cook Italian food and drink red wine

* we smile at strangers

* we discover something new about the city we live in

* we cry. Real, big, emotional, pure, cathartic tears

* we go deep into our hearts and change our lives

* we eat 7 or 8 shortbread cookies and then dance to this song!

So, here’s to a New Year filled with bigger, brighter, richer, sweeter and sexier ways to measure our days!


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