Be a part of my first-ever
Epic Self-Care for Moms
virtual course starting May 4th!

Are you drowning right now in motherhood during Covid19?

I know so many of us are overwhelmed, exhausted and depleted. I know that so many of us are filled with resentment for our partners for not stepping up in the way we want them to.

You are not alone.

And I know that all of the ways we used to distract ourselves and protect ourselves from hard conversations and old patterns are unavailable to us. And we are left with our mindsets, our patterns, our old ways of doing things laid bare. And we might be realizing how many of them don’t work for us. How many of them don’t serve us; in fact, they might be keeping us numb and helpless and STUCK.

You are not alone.

First of all, I want you to know that any struggles that you are having are not your fault. You are not failing. Can I remind you of what has happened?

Everything we used to do to deal with stress, to feel fulfilled, to have our own lives…is gone. If not gone, than radically changed. We lost our coping tools. And we gained MORE. More childcare. More housework. More “on duty”. More caretaking. More cleaning and cooking and homeschooling and more, more, more. So, we lost our resources and we gained a plate-load of extra work.

You are not alone. 

And if you are willing and ready to do some good work (and play) on creating a new story of yourself in motherhood and partnership, YOU are the woman I would love to have join my 4-week Epic Self-Care for Moms beginning on Monday, May 4th.

Course details:

Full Course Dates:
This is a 4-week course beginning on Monday, May 4th and ending on Friday, May 29th 

Every week will include a pre-call email, a 60-minute group call and an optional check-in/celebration 60-minute group call. With emails sent during the week with support, challenges and love.

Pre-call emails will be sent out every Sunday starting Sunday, May 3rd.

60-minute group calls will happen every Monday from 3:30 – 4:30pm starting Monday, May 4th – May 25th.

Optional check-in/celebration 60-minute group calls will happen every Friday from 2:00 – 3:00pm starting on Friday, May 8th – May 22nd.

Our celebration party will happen on Friday, May 29th from 2:00 – 3:00pm! 


I’ve got room for 10 women and I can’t wait to support the f*ck out of you, encourage you, remind you of your courage and celebrate how amazing you are. I want to hear your stories, I want to help you see your majesty and I want to help you write a new story of yourself built around your worth and your desires and NOT around sacrificing and staying small.

This course is my FTE (first time ever) pricing of $149. If you want in now, email me here.

I know that this will require from you. It will seem like another thing on your plate. It will cost you money and time and effort. It will require you to show up as your full self. And allow other women to be their full selves. But I know that this time right now is such a unique opportunity for us to use our dissatisfaction and our desire for MORE to create big change for ourselves and our lives.

Let’s help each other hold our plates. 
We are stronger and brighter together.

Covid19 will end. But what we are doing now will remain. Are we opening and growing? Are we constricting and hardening? How we treat ourselves right now, how we are in our relationships, what we soften to and how we take care of ourselves will leave a legacy that will be present still, even when this is over.

So. Who are you going to be at the end of this?
Will you have allowed yourself to become even more of the incredible woman you are? How will you be in your relationship?
How will you be as a mother?

This group cuts off at 10 women. If you want in right now, email me.

What is epic-self care?

For me, it is the things a woman does for and with herself, to guide her life in a way that allows her to be fully herself, fully fueled and fully alive.

It is how we allow ourselves pleasure. It is how we put ourselves first. It is how we care for ourselves in emotional hurt. It is how we re-wire ourselves around our right to claim attention, space and investment. It is how we commit to rescuing ourselves instead of waiting for our partners to finally “get it”. It is how we move from supporting everyone else in our lives from the sidelines… to becoming the CENTER OF OUR OWN LIVES.

I want you to invest in this course if you are ready to write a new story of your life inside of motherhood and partnership.

Epic-Self Care for Moms Course topics:

* caring for our emotional hurt and disappointment
* changing our mindsets around the “sacrificial mother”
* ways to create new feedback loops that build our sense of worthiness, beauty and right to pleasure and ease
* how to become a well-nourished woman with my 3-level Nourishment Tool

The best part of all of this? We are doing this together. You and me and us. And it will be more fun than you can imagine. And there will be tears. And moments. And freedom.

Epic Self-Care in motherhood is what I have been practicing and studying for the last 9 years. It is what has allowed me to go from being filled with resentment and rage to being fully nourished. I no longer sacrifice myself for my children or my husband. I know what I want and I ask for it. It has taken me years to climb out of the victim story I had and into taking full responsibility for my own life and desires.

In my 9 years of motherhood, I have gone on 7 retreats by myself, each a week long. I have taken 3 trips by myself to New York and San Francisco. I have done 2 years of Mama Gena’s Mastery course which required 3 weekends each time in New York. And on both of those final weekends, my husband joined. And during this Covid19 lockdown, my husband and I share work and childcare time every day.

But it took a lot of work for me to get here. I had to be filled with so much rage and resentment that I was suffocating. I felt like I had lost all of who I was – everything that had filled me up before children was gone. And everything I hated, mainly domesticity, was my whole life. There was a moment I decided that motherhood was either going to break me or make me and from that decision, I started on a mission to figure out how to do this thing called being a mother. Without becoming drained, depleted and a woman without a shred of turn-on, outrageousness, sexiness, aliveness and a sense of her own self.

I have had my own journey is this work and I would be honoured to be a part of your journey.

This course is for women who are hungry for another way and are willing to do whatever they can do get there. This course is for women who want to be seen and heard by other women; who want real, deep, intimate community.

This is a time to decide if you are ready to change. There is another way. There is a better way. It is available to you and to any women willing to give herself permission. Are you ready to stand for your own right to investment, to spending money on, to spending time on.

But we can’t do it alone. And one of the greatest gifts of this course will be doing this together. Sisterhood. Community.

This course is not for anyone who is not willing to step outside of the victim story. This is not a course for any woman who is not willing to move beyond where she currently is – and this course is not for a woman who wants to continue to blame her life on anyone else.

Here are 6 things you can expect to learn from this course:

* Tools for releasing resentment and anger towards your partner/husband so you can ask for what you truly desire, want and need

* How to re-wire your entire family to see that you are a Queen who has her own life and desires and is committed to her own vibrancy and aliveness

* How our mindsets about the “good” mother and wife can keep us stuck and helpless

* New tools and techniques that allow you to create a positive feedback loop of worth, beauty, perfection and full approval

* What it feels like to be in a place where you feel understood, valued, heard and supported.

* That you are not alone. Not broken. Not doing it wrong. Perfect just the way you are. And that you are already doing an amazing job!

This is a time when old rules and ways of doing things are falling apart. And new ways are emerging. This is the time to make these changes, to figure out how motherhood can make you instead of breaking you.

Let’s do this together. Are you ready? Email me now for a spot.

Questions? Ask me anything here.